imFUN Box 2

The new imFUN Box. Simple handling and a new Design.



Erste Bank - Interactive Shop Window

In cooperation with Sony DADC a Interactive Shop Window was deployed in the "Future Store" of the Erste Bank in vienna.

UEFA Champions League

Interactive projections and multitouch table at the Champions League Finals!

 Vogel & Noot - Gesture-based presentation and interactive show

We created a gesture-based presentation and an interactive show as well as videos in 4k resolution and further media installations for the booth of Vogel & Noot at ISH Frankfurt/Main.

Indect 3D Gesture Game

We used gesture-based motion control and 3d animation to developed a unique game for Indect Electronics. The game was first used at Intertraffic Amsterdam.


At an event of UniCredit the guests had the possibility to interact in interactive games and projections. As a special highlight, their dance movements were projected at the walls around them.


imTABLE Multitouch

imTABLE Multitouch offers versatile possibilies for presentations and games. The set of preprogrammed contents makes imTABLE Multitouch ready for different use cases.

imFUN Box

imFUN Box is a new Plug&Play System allowing to create interactive floor projections without mounting, without a technician - just by providing power to the system!


Aiport Award for Installation VW up!

We realised an extraordinary Video-Wall Installation for VW at Frankfurt Airport during the IAA 2011 - the installation received the Aiport Media Award.

Haydn Explosiv

For the exhibition "Haydn Explosiv", diverse media installations were combined to one outstanding piece of art. The project was awarded by the Austrian State Award for Multimedia & eBusiness.



imFUN - Interactive Projections

imFUN projects interactive content onto floor spaces. An integrated camera detects motion and allows for direct interaction with the projected elements. Fully branded, interactive games and spectacular effects are created.
iFUN is available in the product versions imFUN Compact Small,  imFUN Compact and imFUN Stand Alone.


imEFFECT - Large-scale Interactive Effects

imEFFECT enables unique, space-filling interactive floor projections to be created. Projection areas upwards of 8 x 6m, for example, can be realised, any projection forms are possible.


imWALL - Interactive Walls

Whether front or back projection, screen or LED wall – imWALL allows for entirely new, large-scale interactive wall spaces for digital posters, the arrangement of display windows, interactive aisles or gaming solutions.


imWALL Vertical Vision

imWALL Vertical Vision is a new show-highlight that combines a Vertical Ballet performance with large-scale, stunning interactive visuals. Developed in cooperation with Jochen Schweizer and LK-AG, imWALL Vertical Vision is the perfect highlight for major events, openings or shows.


imTOUCH - Touchscreen Solutions

imTOUCH combines large-scale highend touchscreens with content that is specifically aligned with the intended use.
imTOUCH is offered with screen sizes from 42“ (=107cm) and ships as a complete system including a specially configured Mini PC and interactive applications.