Customised interactive Solutions

Interactive Media Soulutions develops all kinds of contents for iFUN as well as touch- and multitouchscreens.

Application fields for the implementation are:

  • Interactive brochures
  • Interactive game concepts
  • Interactive infoterminals
  • Content for interactive digital signage solutions

All interactive implementations can be linked with diverse in- and output mediums, like:

  • Printer
  • Mobile phone (SMS; Bluetooth; NFC)
  • Barcode reader
  •  ...

Based on our long lasting experience in development of interactive contents, we attach importance to:

  • a clear noticeable utilization concept
  • easy and intuitive handling
  • a optimum usability

As service provider we support you at the whole project execution and take care of:

  • Conception
  • Graphic Design
  • Development
  • Hardware purchase
  • Assembling and installation
  • Maintenance and services