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imFUN Stand-Alone

imFUN - Stand-Alone is used in cases where mounting on the ceiling is impossible. imFUN Stand-Alone stands out due to its high visibility, rapid assembly and dismantling as well as a stable stand.
Full branding with magnetic sheets means high visibility and greater advertising impact. 

The benefits of the imFUN Stand-Alone unit are:

  • flexible application
  • statically admissible construction
  • fast assembly and dismantling - no use of a rigg system
  • full branding with magnetic interlayers
  • high perception



Technical Information

imFUN Stand-Alone consists of following components:

  • basic unit with processor and speakers
  • chassis with projector, camera and detection device
  • pipe system for cables


Technical Information:

  • adjustable to 3 positions: 2,50m, 2,90m, 3,30m
  • dimensions
    basic unit: 80cm x 60cm x 140cm (l x b x h)
    top chassis 52cm, x 39cm x 35cm (l x b x h)
  • weight
    basic unit: 100kg
    top chassis: 16kg
    stand board: 2 x 27kg
    additional weight for safe stand