imFUN Box 2

imFUN Box 2 is a plug & play interactive floor projection system. The device is easily set-up, powered and instantly creates stunning interactive projections. Through the reduced weight, the system can be handled by one person. With the additonally available flightcase there is nothing in the way for the flexible use of interactive projections in differerent spots!

The advantages of imFUN Box 2 are:

  • easy-to-handle Plug and Play System
  • easy integration into different surroundings
  • no setup
  • new design
  • reduced weight
  • comfortable handling by wireless keyboard

Technical Information

imFUN Box 2 combines the following components

  • projector
  • PC
  • tracking unit
  • speakers


Technial Data:

  • Dimensions: 46,0cm x 50cm x 60cm (l x b x h)
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Projection size: 151 X 112 (l x b)