Magnetic objects draw back from people’s movements on the interaction area, thus evoking maximum impact.

Interact with different magnetic elements and experience the impact of large-scale iFUN-effects.

This effect is best suitable for large-scale iFUN solutions – such as a large red carpet for the lifeball, austria’s largest charity event, a snow effect for Kümmerling, a german party dring, or as a customer-specific campaign for the austrian television network at advertising ceremony – the possibilities are widespread.

Different animated objects can be integrated into the effect, reacting dynamically to people’s movements. Both the number of elements, their look and their behaviour can be altered according to the aims of the application.


  • magnetic objects (animated)
  • background
  • reaction of items

Magnetic Objects are avaliable for the productlines iFUN, imEFFECT und imWALL.