Content Management System

The Content Management System allows content to be managed centrally. The following system components may be changed by the customer independently:

  • graphic customisation of games, effects and infotainment applications using an easy-to-operate web front-end
  • configuration of applications, e.g. update of quiz questions
  • exchange of content in interactive applications, e.g. videos, slideshows, etc.
  • language settings


The Content Management System makes the central customisation of branding as well as the integration of images, videos and sounds for all of our interactive applications and products very easy.

Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard enables each individual interactive system on the network to be configured either locally or centrally.

The following can be configured:

  • automatic power-up and -down times
  • temporal sequence of applications, individually for days and times of the day
  • temporal customisation of volume

imSIGNAGE is ideal for interactive networks in:

  • shopping centre branches
  • cinemas, Mulitplex centres
  • the companies' external and internal communication
  • training centres 
  • gastronomy
  • etc.