Opera Ball 2011

  • Customer: Kattus
  • Agency: Kreitner & Partner
  • Content: 8 back projection boxes for Kattus Lounge & Perrier Lounge
  • Application: Opera Ball 2011
  • Date: 03/2011

In cooperation with the agency Kreitner & Partner a exciting project was created for the Vienna Opera Ball 2011. The company Kattus was represented with to bars, the Kattus Lounge and the Perrier Lounge. 8 back projection boxes were created, which were the eyecatchers at both bars.

The projection boxes were existing of special elements like a printed Champaign bottle combined with the back projection. Different projected words and terms disappeared in the bottles. After  that, bubbles were sparkling out of the bottle and other words were appearing again.

Through the the integration in the room, an inovative and elegant solution for this media installation was found. Which also communicated the values and characteristics of the company perfectly.

For each room 3 smaller back projection boxes were positioned at the side walls. One big box was placed at the end of every room. Through the adjustment of the colors, every room was held in the exact colors of the corporate idendity.