Special Development Indect Parking Challenge

  • Customer: Indect & Distribution GmbH
  • Content: Client-specific Development, Parking Challenge
  • Application: Various international trade fairs
  • Date: 03/2008 - ...


Based on the target setting, which was developed together with the client, a client-specific game was designed and implemented. IMS undertook the creative task of the development of the game's idea and the programming of it. The images were contributed by the client.

The game shows the offered product's use (car-park routeing system) in a comprehensive and hands-on way and therefore sustainably transports the company Indect.

The goal of the first level is to find as many free parking spaces as possible. A set amount of parking spaces is displayed on the field, but each one is covered by a question mark. The player does not know which parking space is free and which isn't- just as on a real car-park without routeing system.

In the second level the Indect car-park routeing system is activated and green or red LEDs appear in front of each parking space, indicating if the space is free or taken. Additionally signs appear guiding the way to areas with free parking spaces. Thereby the process of parking is a lot easier and the product's USP becomes apparent and is experienced in an enjoyable way.

Extras such as blowing the horn, trails of smoke, burn-outs etc. cater for additional entertainment.

The Indect Parking Challenge was produced for iFUN as well as imTOUCH, in order to enable a flexible utilization, depending on the requirements of the client, who intends to use it on various international trade fairs.

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