Haydn Explosive, Esterhazy Castle

Haydn Explosive connects multimedia installations within the exhibition Haydn Explosive at the Esterhazy castle to a spectacular overall multimedia concept. Fine-matched digital presentations complete the atmosphere in the antique exhibition rooms and whisk away visitors in new and old worlds. Impressive projections on historical ceilings and digital wall papers completed with free waved image compositions show how strong simulation performance with the latest technology can be.

Find a detailled video in HD quality on YouTube including information on all the different media installations (please turn on your speakers - the video contains audio and spoken voice).

Four high-end projectors are merged to one enormous large-scale projection through edge blending. The audience is presented with a huge, seamless projection nearly spanning over the entire ceiling – a technical and logistic challenge, exacerbated by the low ceiling height of only four meters.

18 monitors, 10 for adults and 8 in children- height, are embedded, neither prominently nor sunk, into the wall as completely borderless flat screens, merely outlined by the wallpaper’s margins. This makes it possible to let the wallpaper’s pattern reappear on the flat screens every 50 seconds. Just as if there was no clipping at all. The screen sequence, which explains the exhibition’s context, pauses for a moment and the wallpaper reappears in the clippings.

This characterizes the multimedia installations of HAYDN EXPLOSIVE: as the media is integrated into the exhibition’s scenography just as an interior designer from the rococo or neo-classicism would have made use of it. The media merely supports the extensive adornments and iconographic programs. It is being utilized for the sole purpose of letting the illusory space appear even more sophisticated and suggestive.

The particular media installations are perfectly matched to each other by synchronization of the media implementations and operation via a central server and therefore result in a medial overall concept.

State Award Multimedia & eBusiness

The project "Haydn Explosive" was awareded a Jury distinction at the Austrian State Award for Multimedia & eBusiness in the category culture, entertainment and games.


An exhibiton of the Esterházy Foundation in the Sala Terrena of Esterházy Palace.

Cultural Director: Alfred Weidinger
Curator: Herbert Lachmayer
Scientific Coordination (Vice-Curator): Daniel Brandenburg
Production Management (Vice-Curator): Agnes Hannes
Design: Herbert Lachmayer
Creative Imaging Wallpapers: Margit Nobis
Administration: Andrea Traxler

Overall Media Concept and Installations:
Interactive Media Solutions
Project Management: Daniel Dobler
Concept: Herbert Lachmayer, Daniel Dobler, Markus Schönrich
Animation: Clemens Kogler; Christian Thüringer, Kai Damian Matthiesen, Daniel Dobler
Programming: Martin Zeplichal, Philipp Stampfl
Design children's monitors: Barbara Mungenast

Technical setup: Sebastian Weiss, Markus Leeb, Rüderiger Sommerauer, Norbert Wenzel, Gernot Schraml, Rene Roth
Direction Video Virtual Quartet: Daniel Dobler
Cutting Video Virtual Quartet: Hannes Klein, Simone Zehentner
Sound Recording Virtual Quartet: Erich Pintar, Wolfgang Dorninger
Synchronisation Cursor Virtual Quartet: Christian Fürst
Administration: Kim Winternitz
Documentary Video: Karina Lackner
Text Documentary Video: Herbert Lachmayer, Daniel Dobler
Speaker Documentary Video: Steve Taylor

Acoustic Presentation: Wolfgang Dorninger
Light: Lukas Kaltenbäck
Carpet: Roy Lichtenstein for Vorwerk
Wallpapers: Margit Nobis, Rudolf Polanszky, Franz West, Lachmayer & Nobis
Consignors: Albertina, Wien Museum, Austrian National Library, Kunsthistorisches Museum
Neon-writing "Haydn": Walter Bohatsch
Vitrines: n-o-m-a-d



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