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1. General

a) All offers, sales and deliveries shall be subject to our General Terms of Contract laid down in the following.
b) Thus, any contrary provisions of the client with regard to purchase, delivery and payment are herewith denied. They shall be void even if they are contained in a confirmatory note of the client following our order confirmation and if we do not object to this note since our lack of response in any case signifies denial.  Any agreements made orally or by telephone and which deviate from our Terms of Contract require our approval in writing in order to become effective. This also applies to any subsidiary agreements and commitments on behalf our representatives and employees, which shall only become binding for us upon the client’s receipt of our written confirmation.
c) In the event of contradictions in any earlier mutual contract stipulations or confirmatory notes the contract shall become effective and binding upon acceptance of our delivery or any other contractually stipulated performance in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions laid down herein.
d) These terms and conditions also apply to any repeat business, delivery of goods, services and repairs of deliveries and services, even if not explicitly mentioned again.